Getting To Know Natural Health Care

Natural Health Care Sdn. Bhd. (201901014267 (1323595-U)) is Malaysia’s most trusted online vitamin, supplements, wellness products retailer. We are a subsidiary of an Australian company, branching out into the Malaysian market and inspiring them to take control and invest in their wellbeing.

Our company’s goal is to bridge more people to a greater choice of high-quality products such as vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and nutrients that deliver a more natural approach to health. Natural Health Care and its official e-commerce website are certified as the official reseller of hundreds of well-known and reliable brands mainly from Australia as well as from New Zealand. We feature their most popular range of products, and authenticity is 100% guaranteed.

Besides a plethora of vitamins, Natural Health Care offers various other wellness products and natural health supplements too, both oral and external administration, such as products on skin care, dietary and nutritional supplements, lotion and essences, baby care, dental care, hair care, essential oil, and the list goes on.

As a distinctly different wellness products retailer, we are here to help you understand your body better, learn about sustenance, provide you with more options and access to world class supplements not yet available on the shelves of pharmacies in Malaysia but have been selling commonly worldwide, at much lower prices than what is offered at outlet retail.


Why Shop At Natural Health Care?

At Natural Health Care, our ideology is to advocate a holistic and natural way to healing and body strengthening, which we called the “Naturopathic approach” to health.

Have you ever asked yourself what vitamins to eat to get the best result? One has to know what nutrients are the most potent in keeping your body functioning at its best - building strong bones, improving brainpower, mood, memory, and possibly helping the immune system ward off ailments both small (such as a cold) and large (or even cancer).

While there are hundreds of nutrients extracted and made into the form of emulsion, tablets, capsules, soft-shells or even chewable pallets, are you truly aware of what they do, which are the ones you need to consume every day, and how to make the most out of them?

Do not consume blindly. Learn from us and get the best advice to help you optimise your health. Qualified pharmacists and nutritionists from Natural Health Care are ever ready to serve you - be it answering your questions or providing comprehensive consultations, and help you make the best decisions. We are more than capable to recommend SPECIFIC supplements to suit your body’s needs.

Here’s more! By being appointed as the official reseller of many internationally renowned brands, we are able to ensure the genuineness of every product, to be shipped directly to your doorstep at much lower prices than what is offered at retail outlets, as if you are purchasing directly from Australia. So, start saving money by using the correct supplements, make the right choice and purchase from the best sources with the convenience of a click of the mouse!



To become Malaysia’s number one online platform in health supplements and wellness products retail, and eventually the largest wellness retail chain in the country



To impart greater knowledge on health and supplements to Malaysians with professional and reliable information, and to introduce a wider option of products to the Malaysian market at very competitive prices.


Our Commitments

At Natural Health Care, we are committed to bringing you and your loved ones the highest quality of nutritional supplements to ensure the best of health. We intend to foster a sustainable business, driven by our core values. The quality, reliability and authenticity of the products we carry are something that we would never compromise. Each item from every range of every band will be carefully deliberated and verified as part of the due diligence carried out by our team qualified experts before being documented and made available to consumers on our website. Our pledge to uphold an impeccable superiority and trustworthiness runs congruently with the promise to preserve the most competitive price. We shall let our values and sense of business ethics be our guide, inspiring us as individuals and as a company to facilitate our ability to fulfil the needs and expectations of our customers and our partners.